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Workshop Descriptions



We hope the hardest decision you have to make all weekend is deciding which of the amazing classes to attend!  May your minds be stretched; your hearts opened.

At the WHC, we specifically strive to bring together plant lovers/herbalists/healers who represent the various aspects of herbalism from folklore and family herbalism to clinical, gardener and farmer, to shamanic and plant spirit teachings.  We strongly feel by interfacing and coming together in the spirit of the green, that we can best expand our green network, not only locally, but globally, creating a myrochizzial network that is organically ‘shape shifting’ the world of health and healing into a healthier world for all. We, all of us together, are part of a revolution in health care, and many of the herbalists who will be attending the WHC as speakers and participants alike have helped green the way…

Each year depending on the teachers, we offer a wide variety of topics and  classes at the WHC. We don’t normally chose a specific topic or have ‘tracks’, because we offer such a variety of classes for all level of participants, and we’ve found that people generally chose what they are most interested in attending, Enjoy! We welcome your feedback….

Please note; There may be a few additions and changes to the classes listed below.  The Final Schedule with all class changes is posted on August  1st.


  1. Pre-Conference Intensive: Reconnecting with the Power of Plants ~ Building our own  Sacred Landscapes.   We will build our own sacred landscapes using many natural elements such as seeds, stones, branches, etc. The main elements are seeds because they are powerful, are potential future plants. This practice is a powerful healing tool and allows people to move through many of their traumas, reconnecting our bodies with nature through the power of the seeds. Rocio will also share about the Ishpingo, the shamanic sacred tree of the Amazon.  Participants should bring little stones, dry seeds, branches, candles and a piece of cloth or paper (we will have some of these items there for people unable to bring their own). 
  2. Breast Health the Shamanic Way.  Rocio will share a special massage using seeds and sacred herbs to cleanse and promote breast health. The seeds are special elements that have the quality to remove negative energies. During this class we will prepare our own massage bag with seeds,  according to our individual needs,  and after have a special massage with them.  Participants need to bring a towel to lie down on.  Seeds & cloth will be provided.
  3. Shamanic Practices of Ecuador.  The history of the humanity demonstrates that before western medicine many shamanic practices helped maintained people’s health with less stress and other problems that appear in this century. In this workshop Rocio will share sacred ceremonies and practices of her homeland that we can incorporate into our lives to bring greater balance, harmony and  health.   We will have three shamanic experiences using aromatic plants, ishpingo (sacred tree) and candles to move and release various traumas.  Participants  will need to bring:  two candles, a medium size towel  and a bundle of fresh aromatic herbs if possible (we will have some fresh plants for those unable to bring their own)


  1. Pre-Conference Intensive: Women’s Health the Maya Way. Rosita will share forty years of experience working with traditional healers in Central America and their unique approach to reproductive health.
  2. Ix Chel: Our Own American Goddess.  Rosita has lived in Central America for the past 40 years and has studied with various native traditional healers.  While on that path, the Maya Goddess of Healing, Ix Chel, has called out for attention, revival and remembrance.  Rosita has many stories to share about this American Goddess.   
  3. Basil, Rue and Marigold.  The Three Sisters of Mercy — Every herbalist eventually decides on their most favorite healing allies.  These are mine.  I will share their personal stories and how I have learned to use these remedies for physical and spiritual healing


  1. Herbal Support for Cancer.  Herbs and holistic healing modalities are powerful allies in treating cancer. A cancer diagnosis changes your life and the lives of your family. We will discuss tools to help the patient and their family navigate this journey. Intermed/Adv.
  2. Percolation Method of Tincturing.  Ever need a tincture and it is not on your shelf? Percolation is a very exciting, potent method of preparing an herbal extract.  Using this simple technique you can prepare a powerful extract overnight.  Intermed/Adv
  3. Assisting People Recovering from Addiction.  Addiction turns your world inside out and so does recovery. Many body systems are crying for support. Herbs and holistic healing modalities can give you an extra boost to stay on your path of healing. Specific formulas and suggestions will be shared.  Intermed/Adv.


  1.  Purification Lodges



  1. Claiming Our Sexual Bodies: Key to Self-Empowerment.  This class, totally radical, also is totally warm and welcoming, so come.  We have so few places to do this work, to learn this information, to recognize the critical importance of claiming our sexual selves.  This workshop is breathtakingly.  Come claim your spot; you’ve earned it.  Bring a blanket or sleeping bag to lie on.
  2. Young Women, Social Justice & The Female Body. Young women, come help lead this class.  Your voices will guide us in learning what we want and need to learn about our sexual selves.  You can take it to the stage on Saturday night, and teach the women what you have to say about teen girls, empowerment, sexuality, and social justice. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag to lie on.
  3. Healing from Rape and Sexual Harm.  This is an Empowerment workshop, an acknowledgement while the act of rape is meant to Silence Us, we will Not Be Silenced.  Bring your Voices, your Bodies, your Wisdom. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag to lie on.


  1. Biodynamic Perspectives on Human Fertility.   Science is reinforcing every day what many of us know- our health is connected to the health of the earth from which we get our food and our medicine. Learn how biodynamic philosophies on soil health, spiritual resonance and a deeper awareness of our intimate connection to our Mother can be used in effective protocols to address infertility. Intermed.
  2. Sourcing Sustainable Hive Products for Herbal Practice. The bee population world wide is in distress. Many of us currently use honey products in our apothecary, providing everything from honey to pollen and propolis to our clients. If we are going to continue to use the product of the honeybee, how do we make certain that we are sourcing healing products from healthy bees. What makes a sustainable beekeeping operation? 


  1. Welcoming Newborn Baby Ritual. Our newborn baby in a spiritual elegance that does not come short of traditional history, love and compassion for the ones we love.  This class will also include a discussion of herbs for pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery.



  1. Forest Plant Walk. In this journey you will learn to identify deciduous and evergreen trees. We will discuss their many uses in today’s society, medicinal properties and spiritual lore.  Through guided group and personal meditations, we’ll learn to use all of our senses, open our awareness to what is really present in nature.
  2. Exploring your “Scentuality”.  Incense making is a meditative and enjoyable way to exercise our creativity. It’s simple, inexpensive and awakens us to the pleasures of earth’s aromatic treasures and our interconnection with nature. Create recipes that greet the rising sun with a clean and invigorating aroma, entertain guests with exotic fragrances, purify indoor spaces, enhance dream activity, or blend a warm, sweet and seductive mixture to stimulate your sensuality for an evening of mystery and intimacy.


  1. Herbal Allies for Pregnancy with Amanda David Pregnancy is one of the most sacred times in a womens journey and one that often awakens her desire to take care of her and her child’s health in a more natural and empowered way.  This class will explore ways to safely incorporate herbs during each trimester to nourish health and ease discomforts while reclaiming the confidence to utilize herbal allies.
  2. Poor Peoples Pharmacy; How to Create a Low Cost Home Apothecary using Foraging and Food Stamps 


  1. Circle w/Circle : Henna: Auspicious Ancient Adornment with Rebecca Freedner.   In this hands on class we will delve into the rich history of this ancient plant and learn about how it has travelled the globe- offering essentially the same message of beauty, ritual, and sisterhood to everyone. We will learn how to mix natural henna, explore various application techniques, apply designs to ourselves and our sisters, and learn a simple henna ceremony. We will briefly explore the question of cultural appropriation, and I will share my insights and opinions about this.
  2. Henna: Auspicious Ancient Adornment with Rebecca Freedner.   In this hands on class we will delve into the rich history of this ancient plant and learn about how it has travelled the globe ~ offering essentially the same message of beauty, ritual, and sisterhood to everyone. We will learn how to mix natural henna, explore various application techniques, apply designs to ourselves and our sisters, and learn a simple henna ceremony. We will briefly explore the question of cultural appropriation, and I will share my insights and opinions about this. 


  1. Making Delicious Cordials and Syrups.  For centuries people have used syrups and aperitifs that provide a tasty way to enjoy daily tonics and medicinal herbs.  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned cordial queen, there’s something for you in this fun and interactive workshop. Get your creative juices flowing as we go from the basics of cordial making to exploring and sharing ways to turn herbal medicinals into delicious tonics. Tasting is encouraged!
  2. Circle w/ in Circle:  Make your own Delicious Herbal Syrups.  Herbal syrups are a delicious way to enjoy daily tonics and medicinal herbs.  Use them as medicines or as a base for tasty beverages, dressings, sauces and  desert toppings. In this hands-on class, we will get creative and have fun making our own mouth-watering medicine.  Lots of hands on, tasting and sampling!
  3. Amazing Fungi ~ Gourmet Food and MedicineThis class will cover medicinal attributes, growing, cooking and medicine preparations for four mushrooms that are commonly eaten as foods and hold powerful medicine- Maitaki, Shitake, Oyster and Lion’s Mane. We will discuss ways to include these delicious foods into our diet for tonic effects and also how to use as medicine. This class will be a mixture of lecture, discussion, medicine making, tasting and fun!


  1. Healthy Bones for a Lifetime; preventing (and treating) Osteoporosis and Osteo-arthritis.  We know having healthy bones begins when we are young~ as we grow, so do our bones. Outdoor play and sports, proper nutrition and good sleep influence how our bones develop and strengthen. But was exercise and drinking milk enough to assure us of strong bones for a lifetime?  Have late nights, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle taken their toll on your bones?  Today we will discuss healthy bone development at any age, including nutrition, genetic disposition, influence of estrogen, Ayurvedic understanding, herbal support, and prevention and treatment of Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Osteo-arthritis. So, whether you are a maiden, mother or wise post-menopausal woman, you can make a positive difference and support your beautiful bones!
  2. INTENSIVE: Update on Lyme and Other Tick-borne Infections:  It’s a Complex Story.  Lyme can be devastating ~ the deep fatigue, aches and pain, overall inflammation, brain fog, loss of self, and for some loss of work. What have we learned about these pathogens, their impact and how to treat the Lyme client over the past two decades? Lots!  In this intensive we will address the symptoms and effects of acute Lyme, Post-Lyme syndrome and Long term / Chronic Lyme, along with some of the other Tick-borne infections that people experience- Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichia, and Mycoplasma.  We will review protocols for clearing these pathogens, for strengthening and nourishing the whole person, as well as the pros and cons of antibiotics. Learning to listen to each person’s unique story, we consider the spiritual aspect of the ‘Tick Journey’ ( In this health crisis, there can be deep reflection and healing)  and deepen our knowledge base of the plants and supplements that can make an enormous difference in supporting our Lyme clients/ patients. Participants will receive extensive handout including resources~ also, sample new herbs and be introduced to a specific flower essence treatment for Lyme.   Participants: Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, your questions and your own successes for sharing
  3. Woodland Wisdom- An Experiential Walk with the Trees of the Northeast.  Meet the trees of a Northeast Forest and learn of their essence, food and medicine for spirit and body.  Experience the strength, peace and promise the woodlands hold.  Breathe in the richness of the forest soil, see the patterns of shape and light emerge.  Feel the embrace and ancient connection of this rich environment.  The trees invite us to re-member and embrace the wild within as we recognize we, too, reside in the heart of Nature.  Wear comfortable clothing as we will be spending time on the forest floor and bring a journal along.


  1. Alchemy for Herbalists.  Alchemy was born out of observing and replicating the rhythms of nature to assist evolution.  This class will introduce you to Alchemy and Spagyric extraction methods and how to begin working more closely with the 3 modes and 5 elements to potentiate your work with the plants.
  2. Medical Astrology for Herbalists Medical astrology has an ancient history in both Europe and India. Come learn the basics of medical astrology and chart interpretation to enhance your formulation and intake skills.   Intermediate                      


  1. Rue, Resins, and Roses.  Latin American Folk Herbalism represents a long tradition of woven healing history (and her-story) from cultures from around the world. Most sacred and revered on the healing altar can be found the resins of Sangre del Drago and Copal, the protection of old world Rue, and the healing enchantments of Rose. Learn the ethnobotany of these folk healing plants, peoples, and traditions and receive valuable everyday medicine to braid into your own healing path.  Begin/Intermed.  
  2. Herbal Support for Iron Imbalances .  Iron is an essential element in our daily diet. It is part of what makes our blood red and it plays a major role in oxygenating our bodies. A deficiency of iron causes anemia, a significant health issue especially for women. On the other extreme, even mild cases of too much iron, or iron overload, particularly in the organs can cause numerous symptoms and health complications. Learn what the signs are and how herbs and diet can support iron balance. Advanced


  1. Stress, Immunity, Mood and Sleep.   Chronic stress triggers a neuro-endocrine cascade that impacts our mood, our immune functioning, our sleep patterns, and our reproductive system. In this class, we will identify hormonal signatures for stress and appetite disturbance along with their corresponding symptoms. We will discuss nervines to nourish, calm and enliven the nervous system, adaptogenic herbs to modulate the stress response, blood movers to ensure there is sufficient circulation and herbs to decongest the liver and reduce excess hormones. You will leave the class with information on how to feel better by lowering your stress levels and enhancing your vitality.   Intermed/Adv.  
  2. Healing Depression: Balancing the brain, the heart and the gut.   To help heal depression, we need to move beyond the conventional focus on the brain and its neurotransmitters. New research indicates that the heart and the gut both play a significant role in mood regulation. In this class, we will look at the physiology of these three major centers of consciousness and how to balance them with specific herbs and foods. We will discuss circulatory stimulants, sedatives and mood up-lifters for the brain and enteric nervous system, shen tonics for healing heart/mind imbalances and fermented foods and herbs for improving gut function.  You will leave the class with information on how to feel better by soothing, nourishing and balancing the nervous system throughout the body. Intermed/Adv   


  1. Garden of the Groove ~ The Ritual of Drumming. If you wish to join Mz. imani and the WHC Drum Krewe (aka Mz. imani & the heARTbeats) bring your drum, your rattle, your voice, your excitement and come to this class! In the Garden of the Groove we greet each other, share laughter, and create healing through sound, art and music. We’ll play drums, sing, tell some stories, and rekindle our connection to the drum, each other and that which we have learned over the years of drumming together at the Women’s Herbal Conference. When we intentionally share sacred space, and open our hearts, and show up willingly, we find fierce compassion and tenderness in the moment.
  2. Tools for Cultivating the Sacred Fire CircleDo you have a calling to dance in and tend the Sacred Fire Circle container? There are some simple principles that when worked with can cultivate seeds of inspiration, renewal and sustainability.  In the beauty and sense of spirit that surrounds a Sacred Fire Circle, an initiation of wonder awaits us. Deep in the night, no one leads, and no one follows. We walk with each other. Join us as we explore ways to set the space, communicate with “the unseen allies of hope” and be able to “read the signs” of the fire, music, and the people gathered.
  3. Saturday Night Wild Women’s Fire Circe As we circumambulate the fire, the rhythm of our footsteps and drums root us to the earth. As we dance like water to Hand Pan music, we feel our heART and honor our ancestors and our roles. As the inspiration of air rises up our voices, flutes, didjeridoos and ripple songs for healing, peace, beauty and the future generations. The spirit of the ancestors’ drum guides this dance, as we bring ourselves home to our hearts, we engage in an eclectic ceremony of Art in Action. Participating in these circles we saturate our heARTs in sonic synchronicity; we find time to resonate with each other and ourselves. We dance in peace, harmony and presence. We do this to learn courage, and we speak or sing, when our inner heART palpitates, showing us it is our time to step forward and BE the light in the unknown.


  1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is my favorite Herb and it is now on California’s watch list for toxic herbs.  HA!  Don’t make me laugh! This workshop will be a discussion and demonstration.  We will discuss  Aloe Vera’s History and Folklore, how scientists think Aloe Gel Works, How Science thinks Aloe Latex Works, the common and not so common uses of Aloe Vera both Internally and Externally which come from my clinical use of this plant,  how and why should we grow Aloe Vera, and the Toxicity Hype of this extraordinary plant.  Plus, this workshop will include a demonstration showing how to create Aloe Water, how to dry Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera Smoothies, and a recipe for Acid Reflux.
  2. The Law and the Herbalist   The class will begin with my story, the bizarre day when an undercover officer of the FDA came to my herb shoppe and pretended to be a client in need of a consultation.  I will share what I learned to keep myself safe. In addition we will discuss the legal aspects of herbal prescribing, how to handle an FDA or state inspection, Preventive legal therapy, laws regarding the practice of herbalism, Labeling laws, and the Toxicity issue of Herbs.


  1. Circle w/in Circle Sacred Circle DanceJoin together in circle dances from around the world where you can learn about yourself through the most ancient form of ritual and prayer. Many of the dances have their origins in European indigenous culture embodying a healthy world view which honored the earth, the body and the divine feminine. The danced patterns illuminate the web of these connections and with conscious practice align us with all that is from the cellular to the cosmic level. This is where personal and universal healing can occur.   
  2. Ancient Forms, Modern Times: Women’s Ritual Dance.  You are invited to dance in community ~ traditional Balkan, Greek, Rom, Armenian,  Near Eastern and modern sacred circle dances. Many of the dances have their origins in European indigenous culture embodying a healthy world view which honored the earth, the body and the divine feminine.   We all have the capacity to transcend ourselves and reconnect with the web and to transmit our embodiment of this sacred energy as healing force into our lives and into our world. The dances are joyful, meditative, mournful, full of beauty, longing, life and celebration!  All welcome.


  1. Dance of the Divine Feminine Join Jacqui in this mystical dance journey into the heart of our inherent sensuality and inner radiance that is designed to connect us to long lineages of women around the world and across time who have danced in celebration of Life.
  2. Creating Medicinal Raw Chocolate; Awakening Aphrodite in every Sumptuous Bite with Jacqui Lalita. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own healthy herbal chocolate bars, truffles, fudge and nourishing hot chocolate elixirs this workshop invites you to dive in taste buds first as we work with one of nature’s most cherished foods.    We’ll be creating sumptuous treats from raw cacao and infusing each batch with adaptogenic herbs and heart opening essences.  Recipes covered include peppermint patties, almond and sunflower seed butter cups and chocolate superfood fudge. Come ready to sample the heathy sweetness.  $5 material fee requested.


  1. Be Naturally Brilliant.   Keeping our mental acuity is top on the list for most of us! Even when we are young we might notice signs of memory gaps, foggy thinking, depression, obsessive thinking – changes that can certainly affect our daily productivity. Whether you are young or old, there are steps you can take to keep your brain healthy, and even restore better function than before.  Intermed/Adv.
  2. Vaccinations: Both Sides of the Story.  Growing concerns over the side-effects of vaccinations compete with concerns regarding the loss of “herd-immunity.”  While we are far from understanding the impact of vaccinations on our long-term health, this class attempts to take a fair look at what we do know.  This class is intended to help you make  vaccination decisions based on knowledge, apart from fear.  No direct advice concerning the vaccination of your child will be given.  Intermed/Adv.
  3. A Little Dirt Doesn’t Hurt.  As we tend to our herbal gardens the soil at our feet is teeming with life, microbia of all sorts. Similarly, the human body harbors up to ten times as many microbial cells as human cells. What are these microbes and what are they doing? What do they tell us about ourselves? From weight loss and cancer,  to chronic inflammation and even decision making, these bugs are playing a major role. Let’s take a look  inside and see how we can foster a friendly family of bugs and approach wellness from a new perspective.


  1. Nutrient Dense & Medicinal Foods for Wellness ~ Ingredients, Techniques, & Flavors.  Join Crystal in the kitchen! In this hands-on workshop we will explore ways to enhance our culinary repertoire using medicinal and wild foods such as seaweeds, herbs, and mushrooms.  With a special emphasize on choosing the best ingredients, techniques and flavors.  All levels welcome, especially beginners.
  2. Seaweeds in the Kitchen.  Seaweed is one of the most nutrient dense food on the planet. Its plentiful, tastes delicious once you learn how to use it, and is super high in nutrition.  Its also provides important medicinal properties that can be utilized in many health protocols.  Explore and taste this amazing food from the sea with a chef’s guidance.  Discuss and experiment with this super amazing anti-inflammatory medicine food! Recipes from her newest book The New Seaweed Cookbook will be shared. 


  1. Intensive: Mandala of Endocrine Functions – Stress and the H/P/T/A Axis     Through the lens of Traditional Western Energetics we will look at the magnificence of the endocrine system and understand complexities and why it is so easy to throw this system off balance. Epidemic of thyroid dysfunction among women is just one reflection of the imbalance. Weight gain, pain, insomnia and reproductive issues can all be tended with a deeper understanding of the messages our hormones are really communicating.   Kathleen is a brilliant teacher, herbalist and practictioner.  She is the founder and director of Sacred Plant Traditions, Vice President of United Plant Savers, and an avid voice for the plants.


  1. Spiritual Healing with PlantsIn many indigenous communities throughout the Americas, healers/curanderas use Nature Spirits to heal, comfort and bless members of their community. We will discuss the concept of Spiritual clearing/healing using plants, water, and a fertilized egg. In the Mexican tradition this is called a Limpia and usually a Grandmother or Grandfather in the family does this work or people go the to local curandera for treatment. Participants will have an opportunity to work in pairs to explore this healing method.
  2. Intensive: The Way of the ShamanShamanism is an ancient spiritual path that has roots in all the continents.  The word Shaman in the Tungus language means he who rides the drum.  Using the beat of the drum one journeys to other dimensions to obtain spiritual knowledge, connect with the ancestors, discover  helping spirits and be inspired to create ceremony.  In this session participants will experience how to access other dimensions through the shamanic journey and find spirit animals for each other. Please bring a rattle or drum if you have one. Also a mat, towel or blanket to lie on.


  1. Restorative Herbalism for Systems, Tissues, and Organs of the Body.    Nourishing and restorative herbs are the foundation of herbalism, and form the base of our plant medicine practice. Herbal healing can often follow the path of allopathic medicine by focusing on acute treatment of illness, symptom relief, and correcting imbalances. However it is possible that the biggest strength of herbalism is the power of plants to rebuild the health and vitality of the organs, tissues, and systems of the body themselves; increasing natural resistance to illness. In this class we will discuss specific restorative herbs that nourish and rebuild the health of the body’s organs and tissues – healing from the root up! Sage’s classes focus on learning through direct experience with the plant teachers. We will call in the allies together, honoring the wisdom of the plants and of our bodies. Intermed/Adv  
  2. Social Justice in Herbal Medicine Practice with Sage Maurer. In this class we’ll explore how to address social justice in our herbal medicine community and healing practice. We will discuss issues of unpacking privilege, who’s voices are heard and represented in the field of American herbalism; language usage, assumptions we make, alienation of marginalized peoples/communities; economic obstacles to herbal and holistic medicine; access to food, basic needs, and land; the globalization/colonization of traditional ideologies or ways of knowing, and the elevating of Western scientific knowledge. Let’s create a compassionate space to address how we can learn to be an educated and informed voice for social justice as healers and herbalists.


  1. Magical Plant Walk.  On this special plant walk, we will explore the magical, spiritual, & folkloric aspects of the plants we encounter. We’ll discuss and taste flower essences, explore the art of ceremony and ritual with flowers and other witchy ways to be in relationship with the green allies.
  2. Bones of the Mother: healing with stone essences.  Come play with ROCKS! In this experiential workshop, we’ll learn from the stones themselves about the healing properties and uses of these earthy allies. We’ll learn about and make a gem elixir and talk about incorporating gem essences into herbal healing. Everyone will get to take home their own stone essence.
  3. Magic and Medicine for Collective LiberationHow do we support our hearts, bodies, and spirits as we work towards our dreams of collective liberation and social justice?  In this workshop we will work with plants and magical practices to sustain us for our work in the world. We’ll  explore flower and gem essences and other tools for supporting our hearts, bodies and spirits for resiliency and strength. Together, we will make some medicines to take home to nourish ourselves and our communities.


  1. Plant Spirit Healing for the Practitioner.  In this advanced class we will explore the foundational components of employing plant spirit energy for healing purposes. At the core of Plant Spirit Healing is your relationship to plants. Once this is established there are a variety of ways to incorporate plant spirits by working within the energy anatomy of a person going directly to the source of the dis-ease. Plant Spirit Healing can easily be adapted to an existing practice within any modality or can stand alone as a practice wholly unto itself. Nurses, existing practitioners and those ready to step into practice are welcome.  Advanced
  2. Plant Communication through Light, Sound and Felt SensationScience has now shown us that the foundational way in which all communication takes place in the biological world is via light and sound known as bio-photons and bio-phonons. The corresponding vibratory resonance is received by us as a felt sensation. We will explore how to communicate with plants by understanding their light through the colors of the chakras and their sound by literally hearing the song of the plants via a device that translates their resonance. All light and sound is received as a felt sensation which you will learn to identify, emotionally respond to and derive meaning from. Take up your rightful place within nature by accessing direct communication with plants and trees.
  3.  Maintaining A Healthy HeartThere is a massive epidemic plaguing our nation which begins as a broken heart and extends into spiritual malnourishment. This affects us on every level of our life. Join us for a heart-felt look at putting the heart in its rightful place as the primary organ of perception initiating coherent heart rate variability to maintain heart health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We’ll also look at the crucial role the hormone oxytocin plays in the underlying cause of heart compromise. Herbs, flower essences and plant spirits will be incorporated.


  1. Taking Care of the Caregiver: Herbal & Nutritional Therapies for Support PeopleWhen someone is diagnosed with a serious health issue, a Caregiver usually steps forward to help their dear one.  Based upon personal & clinical experience, you will gain better understanding of what health dynamic occurs-mentally, emotionally, physically- for the person or family that takes on a caregiver roles.  General & specific protocols will be covered and how to best apply them in your practice.   Intermed/Adv.
  2. Free Thyme: Mehandi- the Art of Henna.  Henna has been used for thousands of years for beautification of the human body. This class will introduce the history of henna, the various country styles of henna art, and the “how to” of making henna paste and designs.  Then we will learn how to apply henna on each other!
  3. Medicine for the Warrior: Alternative Healing Therapies for Veterans. Based upon Clinical/Personal experience in working with war veterans. All Veterans of war have been subjected to extraordinary circumstances and toxins which are manifesting into dangerous longstanding health situations which the government will not admit too. In her clinical practice Melissa has assisted veterans still suffering the effects of Agent Orange, punje sticks, untested vaccines, depleted uranium, & PTSD.  What she has learned in treating the Warriors, she will pass onto you.


  1. Herbs, Slavery & the SouthAlthough they were stripped of everything, including their names, Africans newly pressed into slavery carried fragmented memories of their culture, music, folklore, social structure, religious and spiritual beliefs to the mines and plantations of America. On the plantations of the American South slaves multiplied and passed their African roots to their descendants in a rich and lasting oral tradition that survives to this day. Experience an unbridled opportunity to journey back to the ancient art of healing through the eyes of Sobande’s foremothers.  Herbs, Slavery & the South is an intimate & honest look into the rich culture and heritage of slaves and how their knowledge, customs & rituals transformed America.
  2. Ritual & Ceremony “She who is” for Body Shame and Acceptance with Sobande Moss Greer.    This ritual is designed for girls & women of all ages.  It is a safe space vessel for transformation, self-acceptance and intentional self love.    This is a hands on activity that will require participants to bring: journal, pen, a special sacred item to be blessed, an open mind and a loving heart.  Please note; Circle Girls are invited to join in this ceremony.  


  1. Herbal Skin Care: Herbs and Oils for Radiant Skin.   Immerse yourself in the rewarding art of creating herbal skin care that will nourish & hydrate your first line of defense with beautiful floral waters, herbs, seeds, clays and oils.  Beginner. 
  2. Take a walk on the wild side.  Join Alicia on this wonderful journey to discover the edible and medicinal wild plants of New England. All welcome, but especially well suited for beginners.


  1. Herbal Preparations 101Join Nancy for a “crash course” on how to make your own herbal remedies. This fun and informational hands-on class will jump start you into making excellent quality herbal infused oils, salves, medicinal strength teas, tinctures, liniments, herbal pills, and capsules. We’ll review the pros and cons of various methods and discuss some of the best resources available.  Beginners
  2. Circle w/in Circle: Dinacharya: Start Your Day with SparkleThe ancient teachings of Ayurveda and yoga give us daily routines designed to maintain and reconnect us to the natural rhythms in nature and help bring about well-being. This is a hands-on class where we will discuss and try out some of these ancient practices which can bring radical change in body, mind, and consciousness.


  1. Wild Food CookingParticipants will learn delicious and creative recipes for wild edibles. We will explore savory and sweet ways to prepare wild edibles.  While emphasis is on preparation, we will cover a little identification and some nutritive benefits.   Samples and recipes shared.
  2. Introduction to Round Reed Basket Weaving Have you always wanted to learn to weave? Make your own baskets and other woven goods,  but was concerned it was too difficult or you didn’t have time?  Well, drop your fears and join your ancestors us as we weave a beautiful basket.  Basket weaving is a  joyful meditative activity.  Students will weave a small basket out of round reed. All materials provided.  This class is limited to 15 people; must sign up at the WHC info booth. $5 material fee requested.


  1. Stories of Healing: How to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Illnesses in Children With Elements From Nature.  Dr. Maya, the author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids With Food Straight from Soil, was a conventionally-trained pediatric neurologist who discovered that after 9 years of medical training, she never learned very much about healing. Afterwards, she dedicated herself to learning how to heal the very sick children by becoming allies with the natural world: with microbes, with food, with plants, and with time in nature. These children often struggle because they are very sensitive to the world around them. Over the past decade, she’s treated children from all over the world with chronic illnesses of all kinds, and she will share stories and ideas for healing with you.
  2. A Mother-Daughter Intergenerational Ceremony Plant wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother to daughter. Join us with your mother, daughter, or grandmother for a morning ceremony to honor each other, the plant spirit allies who have brought us together, and the Great Mother. Bring instruments, a bag with bits of nature, and a stone.
  3. How Dirt Loves Us and How To Love It Back.  Learn the many gifts we receive from the soil with Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, neurologist and author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids With Food Straight from Soil. Our inner terrain is only as healthy as our outer terrain. Soil reaches into our bodies through microbes, food, medicine and nature to heal our bodies and make us happy.


  1. Intensive: Roots, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds and Spirit: Healing with Herbs, Meditation and Prayer.   Herbalist and biodynamic gardener Deb Soule will share information and insights  from her work as a biodynamic gardener, herbalist, medicine-maker, and teacher. One of each of  her favorite medicinal roots, leaves, flowers and seeds will be experienced through plant meditations. Exploring touch, taste and smell as ways to deepen our relationship with plants will be included along with Deb sharing her direct experiences of  growing, collecting, preparing and using the four herbs for medicine. Ideas for using roots, leaves, flowers, flower essences, and seeds when formulating will be shared from Deb’s biodynamic and herbal background.      Intermediate
  2. Living in Harmony with Nature’s Rhythms, Cycles and Seasons: An introduction to Biodynamic Gardening and the Biodynamic Planting Calendar.  Deb has been working with the biodynamic principles and preparations on her herb farm in Maine since 1998. This talk will include an introduction to biodynamics  and then  detailed information on using the calendar for gardening, harvesting and medicine making.  All Levels
  3. Creating a Medicine Garden for Pollinators and PeopleThrough a beautiful slide show of Deb’s biodynamic garden in Maine, images and detailed information about designing and tending a garden with specific medicinal herbs and flowers for attracting pollinators (and elemental beings) will be shown.  All Levels


  1. Healing With The Earth and Spirits Through Sacred Sound   ~   A Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Workshop.   Healing through sacred vocal sound is a traditional shamanic medicine path that has been widely used by every indigenous culture in the world since the beginning of time to maintain wellness, balance, a clear connection with the nature and the spirit realms, and a full union with all of life.  While honoring all group members as sacred teachers we will rejoin the nature and spirit realms, as the unique ability of our own authentic voices leads us deeply into shamanic sound altered states.     Speaking with the earth and spirits regularly supports us in following our own wisdom from day to day.
  2. Pravada Sound Healing Flower Essences.   When we sound bridge with a flower, plant, or spirit, their healing essence lives within us forever.   We have welcomed their signature sound into our cellular structure, and awakened their holographic memory.   We are then easily able to receive their healing treatment through vibrational pitch.   It’s a truly wonderful experience to feel the sweet energy of a flower living inside our bodies, singing to our hearts.   This transformational reunion naturally awakens a strong desire and ability to live life peacefully with all beings, as our plant familials will fill us with loving, pure healing energy for the rest of our lives.
  3. The Circle Of One ~ A Women’s Global Sacred Medicine Songs Circle  We have all originally come from indigenous cultures that once lived in sustainable ways, while honoring all of life through sacred healing songs.  Our circle will focus on re-awakening the beauty of our indigenous lineages, traditions, and wisdom through the power of our own ancestral medicine songs.   Each group member is invited to bring a song and teaching from her own tradition to share with our circle.  Honoring our radiant diversity allows us to also discover our many similarities, which awakens global healing.    Please bring a medicine song from your tradition.


  1. To the Women Holders of the WorldWisewomen hold on many levels. There comes a time when it is difficult to hold more without harm to oneself.  Come learn about healthy boundaries. When there is heartbreak, trauma, deep cries for healing , shock, what are the best practices for self-care? How can the plants aid us? What are the lines between co-dependency and empowerment? How do we live a life of beauty and sweetness in the backdrop of human suffering?  When do we let go or keep holding on?
  2. Multi-Generational Ancestral Healing with ALisa Starkweather.  Are you called to change your life story so that you can shift DNA brain wiring?  Transformational healing work is a way to contact more of what is inside the depths our psyches for re-evaluation. What we become awake to from our shadow selves allows us to weave new patterns and new stories. In this class you will journey within and discover what needs to end to begin anew.


  1. Beyond Sauerkraut: Lacto-Fermented CondimentsSo many of the condiments we use daily have their roots in the world of fermentation. Current research continues to show the impact our micro-biome has on our overall health and mental well being in addition to the immune building qualities we have long known. A wonderful way to incorporate fermented foods into your daily diet is through lacto-fermented condiments. We’ll make ketchup, mustard, chutney and salsa. All are a fun way to spice up your meals!
  2. Brewing Basics Women have long held the tradition of brewing beverages, both hard and soft, at home. In this demonstration workshop we will reclaim this heritage while learning how to make lacto-fermented herbal sodas and honey wine from the wild yeasts around us. There will be lots of samples and recipes to start you on the path of brewing at home.


  1. When Your Passion is Your Product.  Ready to turn your love of herbs into a business? Come spend an hour in a round table discussion with Maia Toll, C.E.O. of Herbiary and the successful creatrix of internationally acclaimed online programs in women’s wisdom and wellness. We’ll work on refining your vision and clarifying your branding and marketing. Note: we will not be discussing G.M.P.s or legal issues.
  2. Sisterhood Healing Circle.  Are you ready to step into your own power? Come witness, share, and participate as we work together in a community circle to catalyze change and healing. You’ll hold space and explore the depths of your own wisdom as we support one woman on her healing path, modeling how to use plant medicine, food, ritual, and seasonal awareness as tools to live more deeply. Come ready to share the wisdom of your heart!


  1. Naturally Bug Free.  Mother Nature gave us insects, but fortunately she also gave us the means to deal with them.  With herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients, Stephanie will discuss how to make insect-repellent sprays and balms, sachets, pet shampoos, flea and tick powders, and cleaning products that are safe for you and your family.  All formulations will come from her latest book, “Naturally Bug Free: 75 Nontoxic Recipes for Repelling Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Ants, Moths & Other Pesky Insects”.  Product samples will be available for all to experience.
  2. Herbal Remedies For Pain Relief Aches and pains are part of everyday life and can, under most circumstances, be treated quite easily at home using soothing herbal remedies to help ease the discomfort associated with minor-to-moderate backache, arthritis, headaches, and sore stiff muscles.  Stephanie will discuss these conditions and highlight at least 15 herbs that can promote blessed pain relief, comfort, and healing.  Herbal product samples will be available for all to experience.


  1. Stories of the Lodge.  The ancient medicine of plants and the sweat lodge, and our stories of them, are food for both our bodies and hearts. They remind us that we are all related, part of all creation: the stars, the elements, the animals, the plants and family of heart, spirit and blood.   Please note; this is a rare opportunity to learn with Trishuwa, who is usually found at the fire circle leading the Purification lodges.


  1. Weeds, Leaves, Seeds, & Shoots: Balance Your Budget, Steward the Land.  Whether you live in the city or the country, re-wild with weeds as part of your every day food security, healing medicines and New Earth Living Skills. Join Marguerite 
on a plant identification walk for hands-on experiential Reciprocal Human Plant 
Relationships; unique plant recipes for every day living, to energetics for each plant 
experienced and long term storage from Marguerite’s recently published book.
  2. Brain Injury – Our Switchboard BrokenHolistic steps in managing one woman’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury from recognizing symptoms to healing an injured brain using foods, herbs, supplements, and mind-body work. Find out how subtle our brain tissue is and the extent it can be remedied given the time it needs, in our fast paced world.


  1. Herbal Birth Control, Herbal Conception .  We will take a look at herbs used in the past – as well as those used now – to control fertility. We will discuss natural forms of birth control, and ponder their effectiveness. We will discover natural ways to promote conception when “everything else has failed.” We will listen to each other deeply and clearly, nourishing our hearts and souls.
  2. Saturday: Living Long  ~ and Well ~  with Green Blessings.  A special invitation to the Crones to gather and share wisdom on aging and your herbal and home-grown responses to its challenges. We will check out the latest, greenest, and most productive ways of taking care of our minds, hearts, bones and joints, libido, memory, sight, and whatever you worry about. Surprises, stories, and songs gather with us; you too!
  3. Shamanic Weed Walk.  Learn to use all your senses to hear the plants sing. We will walk the Medicine Wheel of Plant Uses, breath ourselves into attunement with Mother Earth, and astonish ourselves with our ability to open to the magic of green blessings. Leave your notebooks and field guides, cameras and cell phones, shoes and suspicions at home. Bring an open heart and a belief in magic.

Ayana Young

  1. Mushroom Wisdom.  Fungi are some of our most promising partners in confronting the collapse of Nature. We will discuss how fungi have evolved to be Earth stewards, remediating oil spills and heavy metal contamination; cleansing and filtering toxic runoff; boosting tree and crop growth and building soil at amazing speeds; strengthening the immunities of insects and animals; producing biofuels; and extracting radioactive particles from soil following nuclear disasters. Fungi have been called the “neurological network of nature” as they intelligently respond to the environment and act for the wellbeing of all the forest’s residents. You will see a mycoremediation demonstration so that this knowledge can become muscle memory and serve you in a time of need.
  2. Sisters Bonded in Action with Ayana Young.  We are all awakening to Gaia’s dilemma with a sob, and we wonder, “What can a person do?” Not be one person! From our backyards to our bioregions and beyond, we can be the ecological restoration movement, and together remember our evolutionary role as Earth stewards.  Ayana Young will share some of the highlights of her journey creating an ecological research center in Northern California, defending endangered temperate rainforests, and hosting the radio show Unlearn & Rewild.


  1. Conducting a Successful Client InterviewLearn and practice basic therapeutic skills that will assist you in creating a calm, positive and engaging atmosphere while interviewing your client. Being a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years has provided the necessary skills such as active listening, unconditional positive regard and more that allows your clients to open up, share and be able to absorb and initiate recommendations that are suggested and encouraged.  I invite my clients to “Turn to the Garden” with me (the title of my new book), to receive the therapeutic benefits and the healing powers of Nature.  Intermed/Adv. 
  2. Is it Adrenal Fatigue or is it Stress?Adrenal Fatigue often disguises itself as depression, hypo-thyroid condition, or other stress-induced disorders.  If one is experiencing general exhaustion, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, lack of will power and more, you may look at the adrenals as possibly being weakened and therefore mal-functioning. Having dealt with this problem personally, I have formulated a program including incorporating beneficial eating habits, adaptagenic herbs, supplements and lifestyle practices that will help reduce and overcome these symptoms before they become more debilitating.  Intermed.


  1. Body Wisdom Rose Yoga.  Body Wisdom Yoga is a practice designed to hold space for the body to speak and offer guidance in ways that it only can through deep and dynamic stillness.  We invite into the practice the medicine of the rose to encourage receptivity to beauty, love, and a deep acceptance & gratitude for the light and the darkness that we all hold. All levels are encouraged to participate in this heart opening blend of vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga.